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Tutorials: Hybrid Lizard 6”

           The Hybrid Lizard is an excellent bait that most anglers think of every spring. We fish it a lot more than just spring. Spring is always productive because this usually is when water levels are often on the rise due to melting snow or spring rains. This causes fish to come up into the shallows and feed on an abundance of bait and food in preparation for the spawn. A favorite way to fish the lizard is on a Carolina rig or Texas rig in the 5 to 20 foot range of water. This is often times where the water in the clearer western reservoirs just loses its visibility. This area is often referred to the staging area for bass before they move up into the shallows to spawn. Additionally this low visibility zone gives the bass a sense of cover from the clearer shallow depths. This lure can be effective from a boat or from the shoreline. When selecting a hook always look at the size of the lure, the Hybrid lizard is 6 inches long and works great on a 3/0 to 4/0 off shank hook. The Carolina rig is an effect way to fish fast to cover a lot of water and determine where the fish are located. I like to use a oz – 1.0 ounce weight in front of a glass bead. You then tie the line to a swivel to reduce line twist and on the other end of the swivel you'd tie a 3 to 4 foot leader. The leader line is often a lighter weight fishing line or it could be fluorocarbon for added stealth. The Hybrid lizard is 6 inches long so it requires a decent hook like the previously mentioned 3/0 to 4/0 offset shank hook. The hook is tied to the leader line and the lizard rigged on the hook as straight as possible.

The Texas style rig is with a bullet style weight in front of the 3/0 to 4/0 off shank hook. The weight should be about 3/8 ounces. (Weight adjusted to depth and fishing conditions) Cast the Texas rigged lizard up around the shallow water structure and out off into the 10-20 foot range. Make sure to keep contact with the bottom as you work it slowly back to you.


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