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Tutorials: Hot Sauce Gel

Instructions- Apply right from flip-top bottle or dispense small amount into plastic bag for dipping. Use on plastics, hard baits or natural baits. Coats your bait and imitates the natural slime which all baitfish have. Stays on lures longer because it is a paste not liquid based. I can’t tell you how many times I have reapplied and gotten a bite on the first cast so I know to just put it on again when I can’t see it well on my lure. Sometimes when you start a new bottle you may need to remove the lid and use the bottleneck rather than the flip top lid. Weather conditions will affect consistency. Keep the bottle warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. Keeping Hot Sauce in a zip lock bag in your pocket if it’s cold out or in the cooler or your boats live well if it’s hot out can help.  I can’t tell you how many times I have reapplied and gotten a bite on the first cast. So now I know to just put it on again when I can’t see it on my lure. HotSauceBottle


“The Scaletail”tm:   I like to put it in a low profile Tupperware type container so I can easily and quickly access the Sauce. I will also add glitter to it for a nice touch. I have found that a combination of red and silver flakes work great. As the Hot Sauce Gel wears off the lure is dispersing the glitter flakes so you have them falling off like real scales leaving a “Scale Trail” tm behind.

“The Lipstick”: I also put it on constantly when fishing iron jigs or large plugs like trout swim baits when trolling or casting because when the fish bite hits, they often will hold the lure tight in their mouth and not get a hooked. But when the lure is covered with Hot Sauce Gel and they grab to hold the bait, it is slippery like a real baitfish, so when you set the hook, the jig slides in the mouth and you get a good hook set.

“The Dead Meat”: Have you ever seen an injured trout or baitfish? They can often look very opaque. Their slim coat has become cloudy. When this happens big bass are programmed to eat them because they are the weakest and therefore the easiest prey around. When fishing the Hot Sauce on swim baits and jigs a good coat gives them the same dying fish look, which triggers fish to strike.

“The Lube Job”: When flipping in heavy brush, timber or maybe reeds, that same slime coat that we talked about earlier is crucial. Tell me… How many times have you pitched your bait/lure into or pulled it back over a tule or branch and had it wrap around it? With Hot Sauce Gel on there, it makes your lure slip right through most of those tight spots, freeing you up to fish tighter to cover where the fish are.

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