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Name: Damien Perez
New Orleans, La
Edge Products, Pro-Drive Shallow Water Boats and Outboards---- Frogg Toggs Raingear---- Fab Grills --- Dream Suites---- Master of the Tailgate Tv program on the Versus Network
16' Hewes Redfisher and a Pro-Drive custom made redfishing model
4 time 1st place winner of "The F Fest Redfish Series"----- 4th place in RFRI (Recreational Fisheries Research Institute) Empire Redfish Tournament----- 6th place in the GCAA (Gulf Coast Angler's Association) Lafitte tournament------   Over 15 Top 10 finishes in various other Redfish tournaments throughout the SE United States.   Freshwater:  2nd place in Bayou Black Bass Invitational----- 1st place in Des Allemandes "Lock and Load" Bass Series.  Contributing writer to the Louisiana Sportsman Magazine, featured writer on rodnreel.com, cover of April 2007 Marsh and Bayou Magazine.
9.3lb speckled trout in Empire La----- 8.2lb flounder in Buras, La----- 46lb redfish in Venice, La----- 7lb rainbow trout in N. Arkansas----- 8.2lb largemouth bass in Bayou Black----- 5.02lb smallmouth bass in Spring River, Arkansas
Areas of Expertise:
Specifically, I  use artificial lures because of the larger fish they seem to catch.  I fished and guided for my entire life throughout all of Southeastern La: Saltwater areas of expertise---Venice, Empire, Shell Beach, Breton Sound, Hopedale, Grande Isle, Lafitte and Delacroix.  Also very familiar with numerous areas in Alabama, Mississippi, Texas and Florida.   Freshwater areas of expertise:  Bayou Black, Des Allemandes, various lakes in Alabama,  all of Northern Arkansas icluding : the Red River, the White River, Bull Shoals Lake and the Spring River.  Also knowledgable about Kentucky Lake. 

I fish at 2 different speeds.....extremely fast or extremely slow...depending on the area, water color and numerous other factors.  Many fishermen forget that a lure fished extremely slow allows the big, lazy fish a chance to get an easy meal.   As an example of the slowless.......each cast using strictly plastic baits may take up to 2-6 minutes.
Fishing Tip:
I've found that speckled trout and redfish attack the chartreuse part of a lure because it resembles the irridescent tail of a shrimp.  Since many other lure companies just have the chartreuse-colored tail, many fishermen get a strike and reel in a lure without a tail.  Since the Hybrid Flurry has chartreuse throughout the lower body of many lures, the fish strike exactly where the hook is placed.  This allows a lot more fish and a lot less torn lures.  

Hybrids have made a drastic difference in my strike to landed fish ratio.

I've found that if you are fishing small ponds with lots of vegetation, trimming down the head of the Flurry makes the lure's jig head "grass-free".


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