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Tutorials: Hybrid Conrad 3”

             The Conrad Crawfish is such a versatile fish catching machine. You can fish it Texas style, drop shot, or as a jig trailer. When fishing it Texas style make sure to resist the temptation to use a small hook, use a minimum 3/0 hook. A 3/0 hook may seem large for this size lure but it’s necessary so the lure will keel properly in the water. The larger hook gives it such a natural look, which makes a big difference. When fishing it drop shot style, which is the hottest technique out there, you would first tie the hook on to the line using a Palomar knot and leaving the longer tag end to the line say 24-30 inches or so that will be adjusted to the desired length when you attach your weight to the end. (Have you tried the new Wedge Weight?) It is important to wet the line when you are pulling the knot tight to avoid line damage to the tag end where you are going to attach your weight to. I like to use a #2 mosquito hook to drop shot most baits like the Conrad. When putting the craw on the hook, just nip hook coming up through the rear part of the tail so it keeps the craw flat. The Conrad makes a great jig trailer too! Simply thread the craw around the bend of the hook until it is of the way around the bend of the hook and out the top of the craws body. You can bite the craw body down if you want to make the presentation smaller.

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