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Edge Products was started in 1991 when bass fisherman Ron Buhler finally got tired of those messy, ineffective liquid fish attractants. His goal was simple, make a product that would stay on the lure, and would have the smell and taste of real fish. His desire was to transform a lure that smelled and tasted like plastic into a lure that smelled and tasted like real fish. After 14 months of testing, formulating, and re-testing "HOT SAUCE" was invented. Initially Ron only made "HOT SAUCE" for his private use, but soon the secret to this newfound formula was exposed. Fisherman from everywhere began showing up at his door looking for the "HOT SAUCE." The tackle stores began calling and almost unintentionally the business was up and running. After 2 years 2 stores turned into 200 and the scent market would never be the same. "HOT SAUCE GEL" would start a trend of thick gel style attractants that would sweep the fishing industry for the next 10 years.

It wouldn't stop there. Ron saw that the soft plastic lure market left much to be desired. There was very little originality left in the industry. So many companies were virtually making the same lure that it was getting hard to find something new and fresh to fish with. Edge Products, Ron Buhler's now established fishing tackle company, set out to design a line of soft plastics that were highly detailed, yet very fishable, and containing the scent and flavor of the "HOT SAUCE GEL."  Edge Products knew that they could do better. Enter the "HYBRIDS BAIT SERIES"(tm) the first of its kind to have a perfect blend of science with nature.


As fisherman ourselves, we at Edge Products have always designed our scents and lures for one reason, to catch more fish. It's never been about marketing graphs, and flow charts to fill a certain niche in some investor's business strategy. We simply like to catch fish and knowing that somebody else is doing the same because of a lure that we made brings great satisfaction. That, in our minds, is what it is all about. It is for that reason you will never see Edge Products copy another company's lure just because it's "hot." There is no gratification in stealing somebody else's idea just to make a few bucks. There is already too much of that going on. We hand carve every original prototype right here in our factory. Then we endlessly field test the prototype paying close attention to every detail until near perfection is achieved. You can be sure that 110% has been given to guarantee that every piece of product that we sell is the most effective product that you can be using.


What is in the future for Edge Products? We can only say that as the fishing industry evolves we will be ahead of the curve with dynamic lure designs, cutting edge color combinations, and the same dedication to make the highest quality products available. We will continue to expand our already existing lure lines with new sizes and shapes to address every fishing situation that an angler will be faced with. We thank you for choosing the finest American made lures on the market today. With visual appeal, fish catching colors, natural presentation, and the scent and flavor of the real thing, with a lure from Edge Products "The only thing missing is a heartbeat."(tm)


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